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Published in WichitaEagle.com, September 2014

“It’s going to put even more pressure on the suppliers to survive long term,” Schwartz said. “There are no more people to cut. Their costs to produce are rising, just like Boeing. It’s not a pretty picture.”

Published in Sanli, Pastore & Hill Newsletter, May 2014

“But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. lost an astounding 6,000,000 manufacturing jobs between 2000 and 2009.”

Published in LA/NTMA Newsletter, April 2013

“Inventory management requires commitment and resources.  But given the benefits, how can you not commit the effort?  Managing your inventory wisely, prudently and proactively will increase your competitiveness,
productivity and profitability.”

Published in CFO For Rent Newsletter, Summer 2011

“Ever since then as I’ve moved from job to job or consulting engagement to consulting engagement, I’ve relied on my non-scientific eye ball examination to be the first litmus test of a company’s commitment to excellence. It hasn’t failed me yet. Maybe it is possible to judge a book by its cover.”

Published in Diversified Risk Management Newsletter, March 2009

“The benefits of maintaining an accurate inventory are by and large obvious. But there’s one advantage that may not be so readily apparent. Proper management of inventory in a warehouse or in a business can dramatically reduce employee theft.”

Published in Industrial Distribution magazine, March 2002

“Honesty is the policy that reaps rewards in relationships.”

Published in Industrial Distribution magazine, March 2002

“Concentrate on your strengths. By providing value and service to the customer, you will maintain relationships with customers who appreciate that value while increasing your value in the supply chain.”

Truck Parts & Service, August 2009

“The first and most effective step in theft prevention is acknowledging that it can, and probably has, happened to your business.”
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