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“We were able to make changes to our processes and procedures that led to increased productivity and efficiencies…”
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The Schwartz Profitability Group helps its clients improve profits and performance by evaluating and improving processes. We are experienced in developing profitable solutions in each of the following areas:

Continuous Process Improvement:

Establish a culture of innovation and constant improvement to improve the bottom line by saving money through increasing efficiencies.

Supply Chain Optimization:

Create effective communication, informational and relationship building tools that unite supply chain partners (suppliers, vendors, distributors, retailers and consumers).

Inventory Management:

Employ management practices to increase turns, control costs, maximize fulfillment and preserve customer satisfaction.

Shop Floor Configuration:

Identify optimal configuration of machinery and material flow to streamline manufacturing activities and costs (for manufacturing only).

Systems Integration, Implementation and Utilization:

Improve operational efficiencies using information systems that properly support operational best practices.

Work Flow Optimization:

Simplify the movement of people, product and information to enhance operational performance and generate greater profitability.

Warehouse Efficiency:

Design procedures to optimize the flow of goods, from receipt through shipment.

Warehouse Design:

Create an optimal environment that accommodates the loads of materials to be stored, the associated material handling equipment and the needs of the operations to minimize turnaround time (for distribution only).

Policies and Procedures:

Develop written, fully documented action steps to support task compliance and create accountability.

Executive Coaching:

Act as sounding board/advisor in areas of strategy, staffing, day-to-day operations and establishing short and long-term goals.

The Schwartz Profitability Group is available for a Needs Assessment of your operational processes.  See below for contact information.

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