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“Lee’s evaluation was thorough, his experiences and knowledge profoundly valuable towards timely deliverables that resulted in immediate benefits to our organization.”
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Take A.I.M.

The SPG takes A.I.M. (Assess, Implement, Monitor) 

  • to achieve process improvements,
  • to increase operational efficiencies,
  • to improve productivity and
  • to streamline supply chain activities in manufacturing and distribution companies.

Here is how it gets done.

The SPG first assesses current conditions to identify not just symptoms but causes.  Our clients benefit from over 30 years of corporate and consulting experience as we pinpoint the core issues that are causing your pain.  SPG provides an Assessment Report.

The Assessment Report becomes the springboard for targeting activities to generate results.  We roll up our sleeves, working hand-in-hand with our clients, to successfully achieve the mutually agreed upon engagement objectives.

The only acceptable results are those that are sustainable.  SPG partners with their clients to ensure that they achieve long-term success through ongoing monitoring and feedback, and continuous process improvements to achieve even greater refinements.

The A.I.M. approach has proven to be an effective methodology for achieving superior outcomes. Refer to our Case Studies and Testimonials  for actual results.

Click here for a full explanation on how to take A.I.M.

The Schwartz Profitability Group is available for a complimentary conversation about your challenges, and to plan a Needs Assessment of your operational processes.  Contact us at moc.orpztrawhcsnull@eel or call 310-450-2628 to discuss how you can A.I.M. for success.

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