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Case Studies:

Time to Upgrade? ERP Selection and Implementation
– International Skin Care Manufacturer



SPG’s long time client, a manufacturer of skin care products, is overwhelmed by spreadsheets, shackled by archaic inventory management systems and operational processes.



Client reengages SPG to assess value of upgrading to a conventional ERP system.

SPG interviews and evaluates staff, assesses existing operations, processes and capabilities.

SPG delivers comprehensive, detailed report strongly recommending that client identify and implement a fully functioning ERP system with forecasting and MRP features. Staffing retention may very well hinge on decision. QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets are no longer the answer.

Satisfied with the assessment and report, client rehires SPG to lead the selection process.

SPG conducts in-depth needs analysis to determine long-term software requirements. SPG enlists a colleague expert in software selection. SPG creates a “future state” map and selects appropriate software vendors as potential candidates for the client.



Following a thorough evaluation, a software system is identified as the best option to handle the client’s unique needs. The client is in active negotiations with the vendor and a VAR (Value Added Reseller).

SPG is available to act as the client’s advocate during the implementation process, to ensure that all client needs are met, implemented, and tested, and that client’s staff is trained and supported post-installation.

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