"Uncork Your Operational Bottlenecks . . . Boost Your Bottom Line!"

Case Studies

Daily Errors Eradicated in 3 Weeks –
International Manufacturer of Skin Care/ Home & Garden Products



SGP’s client, a manufacturer and distributor of leading national brands, feels thwarted by its expensive, recently installed software upgrade. The software is not working correctly according to the client, is not being used properly according to the installer/ VAR (Value Added Reseller).  Client is ready to scuttle the project after spending tens of thousands of dollars.



SPG is hired to evaluate current practices, to be the conduit of communication between the parties, and to determine whether the newly implemented software was a band-aid fix to more critical problems or truly of value to daily operations.

Through a series of on-site visits to the client, various meetings with client and VAR staffs and independent observation, SPG begins to immediately remedy the problems:

  • Garbage data was trashed and then accurately, thoroughly updated.
  • Needed software modifications were identified and implemented . . . without pain or disruption to daily operations.
  • Inefficient, unproductive operational practices were tossed and replaced with productive, best practice processes.



Within three weeks the frustrations of both parties had been eliminated.  There’s now a success story to tell.  Daily errors and work-flow disruption had been eradicated.  Client morale grows day by day.

Excited with the results, SPG and client are involved in conversation to extend the engagement to focus on continuous process improvements throughout the organization.

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