"Uncork Your Operational Bottlenecks . . . Boost Your Bottom Line!"

Case Studies

Inventory Sprouting Legs and Walking?
– Hand Tool Distributor



SPG’s client, a hand tool distributor, believes they are the victim of inventory theft.



SPG is hired to assess their warehouse practices and to evaluate current staff to determine if the assumed “theft” is really loss due to sub-standard inventory procedures.

SPG conducts an intensive observation of practices and interviews the staff.

SPG submits comprehensive report outlining steps to elevate the warehouse to best practices, including replacing the warehouse manager with a new hire with the skills to deploy the best practices recommended by SPG.

Pleased with the assessment and recommendations, client asks SPG for help in hiring senior management position: writing the job description, screening the candidates, and offering a final selection and recommendation.



Client hired new warehouse manager, and best practices are now being established.

Encouraged by results to date and respecting SPG’s background and experience, client asks SPG to be available as an ongoing Advisor to the owners and senior management to support the Company’s best practices and future growth.

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