"Uncork Your Operational Bottlenecks . . . Boost Your Bottom Line!"

Case Studies

Poor Practices Impact Productivity
– Lighting and Energy Service Company


SPG’s client, a services company in lighting and energy, understands that their operational and sales procedures are highly inefficient.  Processes are neither repeatable or measureable.  Client is concerned about their ability to scale and grow given the lack of consistent procedures and operational practices.



SPG was asked to evaluate as-is processes, then develop best practices to streamline future-state procedures.  SPG interviewed project teams from both sales and operations to map current state practices.  Then, through continuing dialogue with the respective teams, SPG identified what was needed and eliminated unnecessary steps to reflect the desired future-state.  All processes were thoroughly documented.

While working with the SPG, the owner recognized the value of SPG’s extensive past corporate experience and background.  As such, SPG’s role expanded to become an Advisor to the owner, assisting with decisions related to corporate strategy and staffing. In addition, SPG identifies necessary staff changes and writes job descriptions to assist client in hiring of new personnel.



By elimination of wasteful steps, better utilization of existing systems, reassignment of responsibilities, incorporation of industry best practices, the client now has operational and sales procedures in place that are efficient, repeatable and fully memorialized.

Additionally, client has replaced a key middle management position based on SPG’s input and direction.  This new employee has assumed a key role in the implementation of the new best practice procedures.

With these improved processes in place, the client is able to take advantage of sales opportunities that have come their way.



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