Client Stories & Other Thoughts


Client Stories & Other Thoughts


Do It Right the First Time!

Experience, sometimes brutal, has taught me that the selection, installation and post- implementation of software systems, e.g., ERP, MRP, and WMS, can be fraught with land mines.  It is so easy to stumble along the way and find yourself in a world of computer misery.   Here is one of my real life stories demonstrating just how debilitating it can be when a company experiences the GIGO . . . garbage in, garbage out . . . reality of software implementation. Read more…


Look Below the Waterline!

Here’s a scientific fact – 87.5% of an iceberg’s mass is submerged below the water’s surface. (1)    Now here’s a related Schwartz Profitability Group corollary – Most operational problems are rooted in causes not initially identified.

My engagement’s objective seemed very clear.  Understand current assembly and warehouse operations.  Evaluate present space management practices.  Determine future space requirements.  My client was convinced that they were running out of precious warehouse space. Read more…